Meet Ballet Black dancer Isabela Coracy

Ballet Black return to the theatre this week with a new Mixed Programme. Today we meet dancer Isabela Coracy...

How did you get started as a dancer?

My father really wanted me to get into dance, he took me for my audition to ballet school at 7 years old. He really encouraged me.

What keeps you motivated?

Everyday when I wake up my passion keeps me motivated.

How do like to relax when you’re busy on tour?

Music. A lot of pop music. I really love Beyoncé.

What is you hidden talent?

My musicality - I find a connection with music very quickly. Also capoeira (a Brazilian martial art) was my first sport before ballet - again this comes from my father who's a capoeira teacher.

What would be the title of your autobiography?

Only When I Dance. There's a documentary about part of my life/my career called Only When I Dance which was filmed in 2008/09.

If you could have a Hollywood star best friend who would it be and why?

Beyoncé! Because she's got so much talent - she can sing, she can dance, she has everything!

Who is your dance idol?

Marianella Nuñez from The Royal Ballet Company.

What is the favourite city you have discovered through touring with Ballet Black?

Bermuda, for sure! We performed in Hamilton in January 2014.

What song will always get you dancing?

Jocelyn Brown, Somebody Else's Guy.

If you weren’t a dancer what would you be?

I have no answer for that! I am a dancer.