Northern Ballet | Three Short Ballets

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Northern Ballet
All tickets £22.50
Thursday 05 - Saturday 07 September 2019
Show Overview 

Experience the captivating power of one of the world’s leading ballet companies in three sensational short ballets.

The Kingdom of Back (Morgann Runacre-Temple) entertainingly tells the story of composer Wolfgang Mozart’s exceptional but overshadowed sister, Nannerl, leaving you rooting for a woman born ahead of her time.

Full of punch, drive and energy, Powerhouse Rhumba (David Nixon OBE) serves up a visual feast fusing modern ballet, Latin-American dance and gymnastics in a heart-thumping, music-pumping fiesta.

Feel the buzz of anticipation and be the first to see Northern Ballet’s exceptional dancers perform new ballet For an Instant (Amaury Lebrun) for the very first time.

With something for everyone, don’t miss Northern Ballet’s unrivalled blend of dramatic flair and incredible technique up close this September.

Fancy a taster? Watch the trailer for The Kingdom of Back:


£5 tickets for ages 26 and under

Where the symbol is shown patrons aged 26 and under can purchase £5 tickets. Please call 0113 220 8008 to book.
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